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Blossom empowers artists, entertainers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to maintain personal connections with their audiences via text message.

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Bulk Messaging

Send personalized messages to up to 500 contacts at a time with the click of a button.

Web Based

Text message and manage your contacts directly from your web browser.

Mobile App Support

Use our mobile apps for iOS and Android to stay connected with your audience.

98% Open Rate

Text messages have a 98% open rate. Save time and reach the people you need to.

Build Relationships

Blossom empowers you to turn likes into real relationships.

Grow Your Audience

Use Blossom to connect your passion with real people who support it.

What people are saying...


"Social media is great and all, but I wanted to make it just a little bit more personal."

Alec C.

"One of the most important things for me is being able to have a direct line of communication with my fans"

Mariusz K.

"We were suprised by how well people received it. We sent 20 text messages and received 20 texts back."

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